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Mar 21, 2004

hi, guess just two person read all this stuff....
u know who u are.. =) anyway, right now..
i'm in taiwan on an army exercise. due to
my torn right knee ligament.. i'm unable to
do much.. but i get to go out to the field and
take in the beautiful scenery and wonderful
food that Taiwan has to offer. i feel like such a
tourist. the place is so beautiful. the ppl are very
friendly especially to soldiers... of course they
are happy to earn our money as well. =p life is
not as rushy as Singapore so that's gd. just came back frm a four day exercise

Posted at 07:58 pm by peter
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Feb 23, 2004

the fat lady breaks into her song,
it's finally time to call it a day.
farewell to the skeletons over there.
calling time on their overdue stay.

can't forget that beautiful glimpse
how the thought burns my heart
oh give me strength and courage
to forget once again i pray.

down the sandy paths of time,
shackled down at the ankles.
how the cross seems so heavy
as it bears down on the shoulders.

i cant forget her. no matter how much i try. she's still in my heart all this while. why can't she go away? oh Lord, help me to let go. and let Your hand move through it all. she's not mine, she's Yours. take away this sense of dread. that threatens to overwhelm me. i need You more than ever. help Lord. i want to move onwards with You. help. i ask of You.

Posted at 11:31 pm by peter
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Feb 1, 2004

everyone's just up and about,
looking for that special one.
cupid's up to his usual tricks
shooting those arrows of his.

eyes darting like bullets
looking for that girl of theirs.
they've got more tricks
than a magician's top hat.

competition's hotting up
everyone's getting ready
for the long run ahead
to pursue their interest.

i  just stand around them
helplessly looking around
my hands are tied up
nothing can set them free.

my heart's so restless,
my mind's a spinning
my heart's pumping so fast
it's now on overdrive.

Posted at 01:34 am by peter
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Jan 26, 2004

the mind and heart wages war
crying out for needed solitude
yet yearning for human affections
when will the dust blow over?

promises must be fulfilled as
temptations claw away at my will
sapping away my strength and spirit
how long can one last this battle?

skeletons dangle from the closet
have they not been banished away?
like the cobwebs of the spider
they refuse to go away quietly

drawing on the last reserves
racing towards the finishing line
it's time to give it my all
lest i fail to make the grade.

let the chambers of my heart
be engulfed in love again
not that of a mere mortal's
but of a higher order again.

Posted at 11:48 pm by peter
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Jan 25, 2004
first entry.

so let everything be in verses. that each may interpret according to his understanding. but only one will truly know what it means. and perhaps to the one it is written for. so read on and find out. over and out.

goodbye my cherished dreams
lying in the depths of my hearts
time to retrieve that sunken anchor
that have weighed it down this while.

isn't it time long overdue
to really let go and let God
so let her leave your heart
and bade her sweet farewell.

time to set the spokes turning
in the cranium of the soul
to dream new dream again
and to be refreshed oncemore.

as the shooting star passes,
so has this dream been to me
a fleeting moment of joy
clouded with anguish and disappointment.

so march on bravely soldier
through the dark clouds and
the stormy skies of old
into the sunny days that are to come.

let it go,
don't look back
for it will never be the same.
walk on walk on.

holding back my tears
as the pictures stare at me
this is what i have to say
farewell my dream.  farewell.

Posted at 12:43 am by peter
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